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Restorative Leadership Institute

PO Box 2592  Longmont, CO  80502-2592

Restorative leadership recognizes the interconnectedness of all life and acts for the highest benefit to all.

It is doing our best to do no harm and to heal the Earth, our communities,  

and ourselves.

“Seana brings incredible insight and a deep understanding of the need and capacity to effect positive and powerful change on the planet.

She is a teacher in the true sense of the word, inspiring people to dialogue, evolve, motivate themselves, and serve one another.”

    - Bonnie Nixon, Director of Environmental Sustainability, Hewlett Packard International

The Restorative Leadership Institute cultivates

leadership and enterprise that fulfills humanity’s potential for elevating the quality of life on Earth.

Are you committed to leading from an invigorated vision for what is possible and leaving a sustainable legacy for your organization and your community? If so, contact RLI.

The Restorative Leadership Institute supports purpose-driven organizations and planet-minded leaders with envisioning and implementing the best of what is possible through:

~    Strategic consulting

~    Executive coaching

~    Leadership and organizational development

We are a multigenerational professional learning community

of individuals and organizations who are

systems-oriented and heart-centered.

Join us in cultivating the will and capacity

to transform the world!

Extraordinary leadership training for extraordinary times.

Seana Lowe Steffen, PhD

Executive Director

The state of our world is a reflection of the quality of our leadership.

The 21st Century is calling us to greatness, and nothing less will do.

Launch the leadership rEvolution with the Restorative Leadership Institute:

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