RLI cultivates leadership and enterprise that fulfills humanity’s potential to thrive in balance with all life

We support purpose-driven organizations and planet-minded leadership with envisioning and implementing the best of what is possible

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Strategic Consulting

Our trademark Sustainable Impact Process™ co-evolves culture, systems and structures for sustainable long-term impact.

Capacity Building

RLI services are tailored to ensure that you fulfill the vision and mission that you intend, and that the world needs.

leadership development

Discover and enhance your effectiveness, authorizing your best and bringing out the best in others as you bring your unique contribution to the world.

The 21st Century is calling us to greatness, and nothing less will do.


Our educational programs empower communities and organizations with envisioning and implementing vanguard sustainability progress.


The peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future calls on emerging leaders to master restorative leadership principles and sustainable development practices.

Lead For All™

Watch for our upcoming Lead for All program on Restorative Leadership and Community-Led Development in West Africa in Spring 2017.

Restorative Leadership Institute Blog

WE ARE THE TIPPING POINT: How Women are Guiding the Necessary Leadership rEvolution


A book to inspire humanity by offering lived wisdom in a holistic format as guidance for healing and transforming the state of the world.


RESTORATIVE LEADERSHIP: An Emerging Framework for Cultivating Resilient Communities in the 21st Century


In this chapter published by SAGE, Dr. Seana Lowe Steffen introduces restorative leadership and provides real life examples of implementing the core principles for global impact.

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