Restorative Leadership is...

...a research-based guiding framework that has been discerned from decades of fieldwork and a multi-year study of individuals, organizations and communities having resonant impact for global sustainability and collective wellbeing.

Restorative leadership principles and practices are intended to help us answer the 21st Century’s call to greatness. Learn more. 

WE ARE THE TIPPING POINT: How Women are Guiding the Necessary Leadership rEvolution


A book to inspire humanity by offering lived wisdom in a holistic format as guidance for healing and transforming the state of the world.


RESTORATIVE LEADERSHIP: An Emerging Framework for Cultivating Resilient Communities in the 21st Century


In this chapter published by SAGE, Dr. Seana Lowe Steffen introduces restorative leadership and provides real life examples of implementing the core principles for global impact.

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